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Granite Columbariums

With cremation rates at an all-time high in Canada and the United States, the need for columbariums in every cemetery is undeniable. Nelson Granite is proud to craft 100% granite columbariums for cemeteries, churches and crematorium sites to lay loved ones to rest.

Cremation continues to grow in popularity. In 2020, cremation rates in Canada and the U.S. were at 73.1% and 56.1% respectively, and are expected to hit 76.8% and 65.2% by 2025. Look up the expected rate of cremation in your province or state.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a long-lasting permanent structure with recessed niches to respectfully store cremation urns. They range in size, style and appearance and have been around for thousands of years.

Why choose a columbarium?

Columbariums are excellent for those who choose cremation but prefer a designated final resting place instead of or in addition to having their ashes scattered. Columbariums offer many benefits for cemeteries, including:

  • permanent resting place is maintained and looked after by the cemetery, giving loved ones peace of mind
  • more cost-effective interment compared to traditional burial
  • able to inter at any time of year, no need to wait until the ground thaws after winter
  • makes efficient use of vertical space where space is limited
  • adds visual interest to cemetery landscaping

Are columbariums affordable?

With the growing demand for cremation, investing in a columbarium is often very cost-effective for cemeteries. You can request access to our free columbarium calculator to calculate the net profit of investing in a columbarium for your community.

What should I consider when choosing a columbarium?

When choosing a columbarium, the main things to consider are the materials, style and colour. Nelson Granite is proud to offer 100% granite columbariums in several styles and exclusive colours, ranging from 12 niche columbariums to 84 niche columbariums. Explore our gallery to see our columbariums.

For more information, read our article “4 Key Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Columbarium.”

The Nelson Granite difference

When Nelson Granite started designing and building columbariums, we vowed to make the best units available on the market today. Our company knows granite, quarrying it directly from the Canadian Shield and manufacturing columbariums right here in Northwestern Ontario. With the idea of a true forever product in mind, Nelson Granite columbariums are made of 100% granite, designed to stand the test of time in your cemetery. Read more about Nelson Granite.




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