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Montana Granite Columbariums

Montana Granite Columbariums

A Testament to Timeless Remembrance

At Nelson Granite, we understand the importance of creating a lasting tribute in local cemeteries. We are pleased to offer our 100% granite columbariums, crafted to stand the test of time to select states in the US, including the beautifully rugged landscapes of Montana. 

Granite Columbarium in Montana: A Durable Choice for Above Ground Interment

Montana's natural beauty is undeniable, and our 100% granite columbariums are designed to complement this state’s majestic backdrop. Granite, known for its durability and resistance to harsh and unpredictable weather, ensures your choice of a columbarium will not only be a beautiful final resting place for members of your community, but also one that requires minimal maintenance over the years.

The Longevity of Columbariums: Quality That Endures

Investing in a high-quality granite columbarium means you won't have to worry about finding funds in the future to repair or replace a poorly constructed memorial. Our 100% granite columbariums are built for longevity, reflecting the enduring spirit of the Big Sky Country. 

Montana Cremation Rates and Columbarium Choices

As cremation rates in Montana continue to rise, many families are choosing columbariums for above ground interment. Nelson Granite offers a variety of options to accommodate individual cemetery preferences and needs, ensuring a personalized and respectful selection for your cemetery. From 12 niche to 144 niche beautifully designed and constructed units and from angular and delicately curved columbariums. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to mine a raw slab of granite from our quarry, build a custom unit(s) and deliver to your cemetery location. To find out more about our quarry and process see our History page. 

Montana Burial Traditions and Your Cemetery Requirements

In Montana, burial traditions are as diverse as the state itself. Whether you need to provide above ground interment for a family estate, a single multi niche columbarium option, or set of columbariums with 100’s of niches, we provide the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail for every unit. Visit our Columbarium Gallery to see the wide range of units we craft. 

Explore Our Range of 100% Granite Columbariums 

We invite you to explore our range of granite columbariums and discover how Nelson Granite can help you create a lasting legacy in your cemetery in Montana. For more information, please visit our detailed Columbariums page. 


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