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Michigan Granite Columbariums

Michigan Granite Columbariums

A Reflection of Great Lakes Tradition

In Michigan, where the Great Lakes grace the landscape, Nelson Granite offers granite columbariums that reflect the state's rich tradition of remembrance. Our 100% granite columbariums are designed to withstand the sometimes harsh seasonal elements and provide a dignified and permanent tribute to those who have passed and find their forever place in a Michigan cemetery. 

A Granite Columbarium has an Enduring Beauty 

Michigan's natural beauty is as enduring as the granite we use to construct our columbariums. These structures are not just memorials; they are landmarks of tribute in the communities they serve. With a granite columbarium from Nelson Granite, Michigan cemeteries can offer a symbol of strength and durability that harmonizes with the state's picturesque settings.

The Longevity of a 100% Granite Columbarium: A Commitment to Michigan’s Heritage

Selecting a Nelson Granite columbarium means choosing a memorial that will last for generations. In Michigan, where families value legacy and longevity, our 100% granite columbariums stand as a testament to our quality craftsmanship. They require minimal maintenance, ensuring that the memories of loved ones will endure without the need for future financial burdens when required to replace or repair poorly constructed units. 

Michigan Cremation Rates Are On the Rise

As cremation becomes a more prevalent choice in Michigan, the need for respectful and lasting above ground interment options grows. Nelson Granite meets this demand with a variety of granite columbariums that offer individual niches and larger units offering over 100 niches, providing a respectful and permanent home for loved ones in Michigan's cemeteries.

Above Ground Interment and Burial Options in Michigan

Nelson Granite's selection of granite columbariums provides Michigan with versatile above ground interment and burial options. Our columbariums are tailored to accommodate the unique burial practices of Michigan's diverse communities, ensuring that each structure is as unique as the individuals it commemorates.

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We invite you to discover the range of granite columbariums available to Michigan cemeteries. Learn how Nelson Granite's dedication to quality and craftsmanship can help you create a meaningful and lasting legacy. Visit our website for more information and to view our extensive gallery.

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