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What is a columbarium niche?

With the growing popularity of cremation as an alternative to traditional in-ground burial, options for cremated remains (or “cremains” as some call them) have increased. Choosing a columbarium niche as a final resting place for a cremation urn is a popular option, as it offers many of the benefits of traditional burial at a more affordable cost. 

What is a niche?

Each individual unit of the columbarium is called a niche. Niches are recessed compartments that hold cremation urns in the columbarium. Ashes must be placed in a suitable urn before they can be stored in a niche. Each niche is locked to keep the urn safe and out of inclement weather. 

Most niches have a front plate that can be customized with the person’s name and details such as their birthdate and death date.

Many cemeteries sell columbarium niches. It’s best to check with your local cemetery for pricing and availability. Many offer pre-planning options to purchase a columbarium niche ahead of time. This can be very beneficial as it can ease the stress on your loved ones to make decisions after you pass away.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a long-lasting permanent structure to respectfully store cremation urns in a cemetery. Columbariums are a great option for those who choose cremation but prefer a designated final resting place instead of (or in addition to) having their ashes scattered. 

Selecting a columbarium as a final resting place can give loved ones peace of mind, because the columbarium is maintained and looked after by the cemetery. It also gives friends and family a place to visit to feel close to their loved one who has passed on.

Columbariums come in many different sizes, styles and materials. At Nelson Granite, we make 100% granite columbariums.

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